CSS Grids - The old new thing

I’ve recently notice a hype around grid systems, it seems every month there is a new one, it is the “new thing”, but every time I experiment another grid I think the same thing!

Grid systems are cool, but does it mean I need to write more to support HTML5?

It seems they were designed with XHTML or HTML 4.01 in mind only.

After some search I’ve found a framework that supports HTML5 and CSS3, 52 Framework, by the name I thought it was an article with 52 frameworks, then I reallize it was the name of the framework.

I thought this would be the answer, but then I saw a lot of files, and for me that is not good, too many files for me is the recipe for disaster.

So I opted to use the 1140 CSS Grid System because of it simplicity and easy of use, I also liked bootstrap, but it lacks when you want a fluid layout.


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